Dare to Explore

It’s time for Kia Māia te Whai – Dare to Explore 2016-2017

This morning we went down to the playground area at Kiwi Esplanade to do a clean up.  The amount of rubbish and recyclable stuff we found in a little over an hour was incredible.  People are really inconsiderate and lazy in our wonderful public spaces!

So far we have had a spa day which was great fun, made friendship bracelets, had a quiz, made parachutes to float eggs to the ground safely and had a visit from the Spider Lady.  I have been a bit slow getting the blog updated and the photos loaded into Flickr – my apologies.  

Dare to Explore is coming to an end this week and the Finale Party is on Wednesday 25 January for all the Dare to Explorers who have worked so hard to complete a minimum of 4 challenges – WELL DONE to you all.

Here’s a few random photos from all the activities:

The Fear Factor food challenge was a great hit on Monday 16 December – if you came well done!  Check out all the photos in flickr.

Welcome to Dare to Unlock the Secret and 2016!

This is DAY 17 – the crystals are being collected tomorrow so time for one last photo.  Some have grown really well, others not so much.  That’s what happens with science experiments, some work and some don’t!  I hope the children enjoyed the experience a much as I have.

DAY SEVEN: Not a lot of change.  The Salt and Vinegar crystals are slowly changing and the others too.  The salt and cold water jars have lots growing on the outside of the jar and just a tiny bit on the string. 

DAY THREE:  You can have a look if you want – just ask one of the librarians

IMG_2482[1] IMG_2483[1] The crystals are starting but they are really small!

IMG_2484[1]  These have tiny crystals starting

IMG_2485[1] IMG_2486[1] The overnight crystals look like magical worlds!


IMG_2476[1] IMG_2479[1] The overnight crystals are looking good.  I tipped off some of the liquid and went wow!

IMG_2480[1] Nothing growing here yet.

IMG_2481[1] Only a little bit of change – can’t really see anything growing yet.

DAY ONE:  This morning we carried out an experiment to create crystals.  We used 3 different mixtures.

Salt and water This is a mixture of salt and water

This is hot water, vinegar and salt This is salt, vinegar and hot water on sponge

overnight crystals This is epsom salts and hot water and is supposed to work overnight.


Dare to Explore…out of this world

What a great journey Dare to Explore has been this summer.  All the activities and events were enjoyed by those who came along – we’ve had scones and ice cream, caterpillar sandwiches, a magicianwater fun and the list goes on….  Thank you to everyone – without you there would be no programme!

Congratulations to all the children who completed at least 4 challenges and received their certificates.  If you were unable to attend the Finale Party on Wednesday your certificates are in the library waiting for you.

All the photos are in Flickr but here are a few of my favourite moments from the summer


Great fun making scones this morning – made a big mess along the way – scones tasted scrummy with plum jam!  Another challenge ticked off!!

DSC06821 DSC06822 DSC06823 DSC06824 DSC06827 DSC06828

Our first session with Roka was fun for all the children who came and read.  And Roka was very well behaved too.  Thank you to Erika and Oma and we’ll see you on 9 January for the next session.


Rocket making yesterday was messy but fun!  Great creative minds at work!

DSC06692 DSC06699 DSC06702 DSC06703 DSC06704 DSC06705 DSC06710

WOW! over 40 children registered in 2 days.  You can register at any time so keep going…..

These are some of the weird and wonderful creatures made for in the space zoo…. playdough is so much fun!

??????????????????????????????? DSC06590 DSC06574  ???????????????????????????????

This afternoon in the library we are making space animals for the space zoo – using playdough of course.  This is one of the challenges on page 14 – don’t forget to get your stamp!

Playdough fun

Registrations open on December 8 2014! – now only 3 sleeps to go!

D2E IV      

Congratulations to all the Dare to Explorers!  The Finale Party was a lot of fun – and the weather behaved beautifully for us.  A big thank you to…..

  • Counties Manukau Sport  for the fantastic games and activities
  • Mangere Bridge Subway for the food
  • Mangere Bridge Fruit’n’Veg for the watermelon.

Without your support we would not be able to provide the fun and lunch.

The first of the photos are in Flickr.  Sarah will give me the rest over the weekend so keep a look out for them here – and on our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/MangereBridgeLibrary

DSC05524 IMG_0301 DSC05544 IMG_0339 IMG_0319 DSC05521

The volcanoes exploded!  But first we had to decide what we would need to survive…

image image image image

Just got back to the library from the archaeological dig at Mangere Bridge Playcentre. what a blast! Thank you to everyone who came along.

image   image   image  image   image   image

We made Tapa Cloth designs on Friday and built boats on Monday – another big mess that was heaps of fun.  Thank you to everyone who came along.

IMG_0183  IMG_0184  IMG_0182  IMG_0173 IMG_0193  IMG_0209  IMG_0217  IMG_0218

 The scavenger hunt day was great fun.  Congratulations to everyone who completed 1,2,3 or4 of the scavenger hunts!

image image image image

Lots of monsters…lots of children….lots of mess….great fun!

image    image   image

Tuesday 7 January:  Sea Monsters Ahoy!  Join us at 10:30 to make your own sea monster.

Wednesday 8 January: It’s time for the scavenger hunt – will you solve all the clues?  Join us at 2pm. Friday 10 January: We are making Tapa Cloth panels – join Jo and I for some fun with crayons and … at 10.30.

120 children registered so far!!  Yeah!

Calendar of events for December and January….. December January D2E poster  D2E poster  D2E poster 2012-2013 Dare to Explore Summer Reading Adventure begins on 10 December 2012. Our lovely banner is the children who attended the celebration for completing the challenges!

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