School holidays

It’s been a while since I published anything here, but, the Awesome robots session in the library yesterday, 5 October, was so much fun I wanted to share all the photos.  They are all in Flickr and you can access them by clicking on the link on the right.  I have created an album called Awesome robots so hopefully they are easy to access.   Enjoy!


The puppet making workshop this morning was amazing!  We had sock puppets and foam puppets galore – and a big mess that everyone helped clean up at the end.  A huge thank you to Christine for her inspiring ideas!

Christine will be here on Wednesday morning at 10:30am for a puppet making workshop – will be heaps of fun….

What a great start to the school holidays!  The Who Dunnit? this morning was a great success – who would have thought that Mrs Wishy Washy could be so bad!!

Term One is nearly over!  That means our Telling Tales programme of activities is about to start – and we have some cool things happening….starting with this Who dunnit? mystery.

Who dunnit

We are getting very excited about the Digital Maker theme for the September school holidays.  Because of the limited equipment some of the sessions you will need to book in for.  All the details can be found on the library website at 

16 July and the last activity for these school holidays is done!  The children drew self portraits and coloured in and cut out to make a pinwheel about themselves.

DSC07200 DSC07201 DSC07205

14 July was a quiet day but lots of fun for the families who attended.  The Matariki star booklets looked great when finished!

DSC07193  DSC07195  DSC07194

8 July 2015:  Tile art was heaps of fun – what lovely tiles the children created this afternoon.

DSC07166 DSC07168 DSC07169 DSC07172 DSC07176 DSC07178

6 July 2015:  The soup was delicious! – lot’s of peeling, chopping and grating made the most yummy pot of soup which we had for lunch.

DSC07151  DSC07144  DSC07139

Fun programme of activities planned for the July School Holidays – all Matariki themed too.

July SHP

Wonderful Mardi Gras masks and beads made today… remember we are clowning around tomorrow!

IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1486

Our first session was lots of fun – I think the toilet paper tossing would get the most votes with the sand art a close second!  Watch out for our Mardi Gras next week.

IMG_1430     IMG_1448 IMG_1445 IMG_1440 IMG_1437 IMG_1458

The April school holidays are less than a week away!!  Here’s the Carnival themed activities we have over the next 2 weeks….

programme  Poster

Yesterday, Monday 22 December, was the last activity for 2014 – we made another big mess and some very creative Christmas wreaths.  Well done everyone!

DSC06798 DSC06800 DSC06802 DSC06803 DSC06804 DSC06805

Another BIG MESS!  The children have made some great wearable wonders today.  Then we paraded around the courtyard to show off our creations.  Thank you for helping with the clean up after the parade!

DSC06365 DSC06372 DSC06375

Let’s get trashed today made a big mess – and some fantastic creations at the end – check out the photos in flickr.

DSC06349   DSC06358 DSC06360DSC06362

It only seems like yesterday we were talking about the school holidays and now it’s nearly the end of term 3!  The theme for the upcoming holidays is CREATION STATION.  I’ve had a great time coming up with lots of exciting things to do – the list will be out soon!

Creation Station

Today we were finding out about Extreme Survival.  First we tested our memories with a fun game.  Then we went outside to the new courtyard and made a shelter, a fire and some tracking signs.  Then we ate some survival food – worms, slugs, slime and biscuits!

DSC06038 DSC06041 DSC06044 DSC06047 DSC06053 DSC06062

On Wednesday we met The Twits.  What a nasty pair they are!  Then we made the upsidedown house that was the Muggle-Wumps idea!  We also made a BIG MESS!  Check out all the photos in flickr. 

Do you know what a Muggle-Wump is?  You need you read The Twits by Roald Dahl!

DSC06015 DSC06016 DSC06017 DSC06024 DSC06029 DSC06030 DSC06031 DSC06032 DSC06033

It’s a zoo in here!  The children made zoo animals using playdough.  They had to work out how to mix the colours to get the one they wanted.

DSC05962 DSC05972 DSC05983 DSC05987 DSC05992 DSC05993

The July school holidays are nearly with us – this is what we have planned to go WILD!…. Wild Pirate Mayhem this morning!  First a Treasure Hunt….then we made a telescope…and before they were allowed to go home they all had to walk the plank! DSC05758 DSC05742 DSC05767 DSC05780 DSC05782 DSC05790 Don’t forget – Knights and Dragons this afternoon! DSC05706 DSC05739 DSC05736 DSC05712   The Teddy Bear Sleepover was great fun – first the children made a badge for their teddy, then tucked them in for the night.  The next morning the photos showed all the fun the teddies had over night! IMG_0937 IMG_0933 IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0948 IMG_0898 IMG_0913 ItIMG_0920 IMG_0946‘s nearly time for the school holidays!  The theme is Horrible Histories and Heroes so we have some fun activities planned.  We are also having a Teddy Bear Sleepover – you must register for this!  The forms are at the library! SHP Tuesday 7 January:  Sea Monsters Ahoy!  Join us at 10:30 to make your own sea monster. Wednesday 8 January: It’s time for the scavenger hunt – will you solve all the clues?  Join us at 2pm. Friday 10 January: We are making Tapa Cloth panels – join Jo and I for some fun with crayons and … at 10.30. These are the activities for December – hope to see you all there! – The full calendar for December and January t00… Crafternoon December January Dare to Explore…The World is coming – registrations start 9 December – it’s started!  Have you registered yet???? D2E poster We saved the best till last – lots of families had fun making space mobiles for our last activity for the school holidaysBIG MESSGREAT FUN! DSC05126 DSC05132 DSC05133 DSC05135 DSC05137 DSC05140 DSC05120 DSC05123 DSC05124 Last activity for Time Quest is on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm – we are making space mobiles. Week 2 of the school holidays and we started with a poster to welcome Ancient Egyptians to Mangere Bridge.  Writing Mangere Bridge in hieroglyphics was fun.  Then we had to decide what in Mangere Bridge an Ancient Egyptian would like to see – interesting suggestions from the children! DSC05114 DSC05105 DSC05106 DSC05108 DSC05110 First day of the school holidays and we made knight stained glass windows – look awesome!  And dragons – some even breath fire! Stained glass window in the making  Wonderful  Gorgeous Dragon  3 eyed dragon  Pink dragon  Busy with mum  Fire breathing dragon  Henry's dragon I can’t believe that it is almost the school holidays again!!  Only one more week to go…. that means we have a fun programme of events and activities to keep the mess away from home! Full details are on the Auckland Libraries website at Knights and dragons Monday 30 September, 10.30am – 12pm Footprints in time Wednesday 2 October, 2.30pm – 4pm Race through time Monday 7 October, 10.30am – 12pm Time travel adventures Wednesday 9 October, 2.30pm – 4pm Creating memories Friday 4 October, 3.30pm – 4.30pm Bring something to add to our time capsule. The chameleons have been taken down from the display – is one yours? Do you want it? Please come and collect from the library before they scuttle away!

Well! The July school holidays are over and done! Thank you so much to everyone for coming in and joining us ‘jiving in the jungle‘! We enjoyed it, and we hope you did too! Here are some photos of the fun we had making binoculars and lizards for the jungle… well, we made chameleons, which was extra hard but twice as nice! Thanks so much to Anjila and Jo for all your help!

In the wild 004 In the wild 001a In the wild 003 In the wild 002

Watch out for the chameleons! Pretty scary – and check out those tongues!! Lizards 029 Lizards 005 Lizards 020 Lizards 021 Lizards 022 Lizards 023 Lizards 024 Lizards 028 Lizards 025 Lizards 026 Lizards 027 Lizards 030 Lizards 031

We jived in the jungle today! Line dances, Cotton-Eye Joe, Grease, acrobatics and lots of fun music games. Everyone joined in and then went home exhausted! Thanks so much to Suzie and Danielle for their help!

Jungle Hoe Down 009 Jungle Hoe Down 002 Jungle Hoe Down 011 Jungle Hoe Down 012

Jive in the Jungle has started! We made wonderful jungle collages today, helped by Ann and loads of colourful paper, gluecardboard and parents!

See you on Wednesday 17 July at 2:30pm for some jiving in the jungle! (“Lion” Dancing?)

J is for Jungle 006   J is for Jungle 007   J is for Jungle 009J is for Jungle 011   J is for Jungle 012   J is for Jungle 016       J is for Jungle 017

Jive in the Jungle is the theme for the July school holidays at the library.  We have activities on Monday 15 July, Wednesday 17 July, Monday 22 July and Tuesday 23 July.  Check on the website for all the details.

Who dun it?  The children – and their parents – had fun solving the “crime” this morning.  Poor wombat was caged and some one was going to turn him into wombat stew!  Fortunately the children were in the library to make sure wombat was saved!

DSC04383      DSC04389      DSC04395  P4290039  Our winner Callaghan was the first one to solve the mystery!

We had our first event on Monday.  All the children graduated from Spy School after testing their memory and observation skills.  Then we made spy bugs!  Cool disguises everyone!

Spy School              Spy bugs! I can’t believe that Term 1 is almost over for 2013!  The time has flown by!  The School Holiday Programme will have activites and fun all about Heroes and Villans – all the details are now on the Auckland Libraries website.

 The format has been changed slightly and I would love your feedback on how easy or otherwise you found it to locate what is happening at the branch/es you visit!

Congratulations to all the children who completed the challenges and finished the Dare to Explore Summer Reading Adventure.

I have taken heaps of photos – they are all in flickr if you want to check them out.  These ones are from the finale party in Swanson Park. DSCN3278   DSC04106  Loryn and Nicolette Party 29 January 2013    DSC04085   DSC04069

Party with the Stars!  What great fun we all had on Wednesday 9 January!  The children arrived on the red carpet and had a glass of “champagne” (really grape juice in case you were wondering) and then got into the fun.  As it was Sarai’s birthday her mum and dad brought cake to finish with.  Check out our Walk of Fame Stars in the photos.

Lachlan (aka Harry Potter)   Jasmine Walk of Fame Star      Sera   Isabella   Jessica   DSC03922   Sophie   Nicolette

As of today 7 January 112 children have now signed up and are  Daring to Explore!  On Friday 4 January we planted some seeds in newspaper pots we made ourselves!  I would love to see some photos of the plants as they grow. 

Then we made some tissue paper flowers for the children to take home. Sarah in red and black  Anais  Chris and Lucy  CJ's flower Zoe and her flower  Flower making  Our plant pot

As of today, 20 December,  96 children have signed up and are getting set to DARE TO EXPLORE!   We had our first activity yesterday and the children made some amazing snowflakes – we have some on display in the library.  Check out the photo gallery on display in the library too!

Snowflake    DSC03799   DSC03801

The summer school holdays are nearly with us – long lazy days of sun, fun and reading!  Dare to Explore, Auckland Libraries FREE Summer Reading Adventure kicks off on December 10  for 5-13 year olds.

Wednesday 3 October was magic day!  All the children made a trick, practised and then amazed me! DSC03334                DSC03332

Monday 1 October we played Body Detective and worked out where our brain, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys fitted into our bodies.

Nicholas   Our Body Detective work  Maja  Our Body Detective work

This is the programme of events I’ve got planned for the holidays:

Suddenly School Holiday Programme events (hint: click on the link to open the poster) Do you know what day the fire engine will be visiting? 

Suddenly! is the theme for the next school holidays.  I have a fun programme of events planned – watch this space!

Wednesday 11 July: Picture this!  Spin it! Sculpt it! Paint it!  I had a wonderful session planned and then I got sick and missed all the fun!  Suzie looked after you all very well and I love all the photos.  There are some of your creations on display in the library too!

  DSC03004   DSC02995  DSC02976  DSC02958   DSC02951  DSC02960

Monday 9 July:  Today we made some amazing suncatchers.  These are my favourite images from the morning.  Thank you all for making my morning so much fun!


Friday 6 July: Today was poi making with Marisa.  I have put my favourite photos on the Kids Book Club page.  There are the 2 videos we took of the children using their pois in Flickr too.

Wednesday 4 July: Today we had fun creating our own magazines – and made a big mess!


Monday 2 July and this morning we had lots of fun leaf and coin rubbing.  I always enjoyed this when I was a child too.  What wonderful pictures the children created!


The July school holidays are nearly here.  The theme is Arty Party.  Click on the link to open the programme of events I have planned.

July 2012

We finished the school holidays with my favourite mythical creatures – dragons.  What a huge mess you made – but what lovely dragons! – check out the photos in Flickr!

Today is Monday and we had fun making our mythical bird the Phoenix, complete with magnets to put them on the fridge.  These are my favourite photos:


We had a lot of fun yesterday making Taniwhas – check out the busy photos in Flickr .  On Monday we will be making the mythical bird the PHOENIX to put on your fridge.

These are my favourite photos from Wednesday:


The April school holidays will be here very soon.  We have some fun things planned – check them out.

April School Holiday Programme display  What's on....  Events and activities

Everyone had a lot of fun down on the farm on Wednesday – even the Librarians.  These are my favourite photos – you can find all of them in the Flickr sidebar.


The Finale Party for the Dare to Explore Summer Reading Adventure is Wednesday 25 January 1:30-3:30 at Ambury Farm.  The photos will be here soon……

Sera went to visit the Mangere Mountain Education Centre for one of the Dare to Explore…Your Past challenges


This morning, 23 January, we had our Teeth and Tentacles session – what wonderful animals the children made!

      These are from our Family Shipwreck Party on Friday:    

This is taking reading to the extreme!


Dare to Explore reading – outside!


Dare to Explore reading photo – reading outside!

This morning, 18 January,  we made Fishing Boat Mobiles – wow!


This is the book I found the fishing boat mobile in – it has some great craft ideas for children – easy too.

“Summer things to make and do”  J 745.5 PRA Sera made a healthy lunch using a recipe book from the library.      

Mark came to the library with his mum and Abby to read.  He really likes the graphic novels, especially Pandaman.

On Friday 13 January 2012 we tried some science experiments using water.   Unfortunately it rained so we had to move into the library!  Then the sun came out so we pierced a plastic bag full of water with a pencil – outside of course!


Today was Dare to Explore … Go Aqua challenge day – Everyone came ot the library in their beach clothes for a water fight!

Go Aqua!  Go Aqua  Go Aqua

Our Kite Bookmark making was a lot of fun!

6 January 2012

Here is a calendar of the activities we have planned for January: (Click on the link to open the calendar)

Dare to Explore Calendar final Join the adventure  Reading in the library:   


   Join the adventure

The NEW Auckland Libraries’ Summer Reading Adventure is coming……watch this space!  Information will be on the web site from Thursday 1 December.  Enrolment starts on Monday 12 December.

We have completed week one of the school holidays – we have made sportspeople and learnt what the world eats – we have some great photos of our plates of food.  I wonder how many dads got tricked with their dinner?

        And these were our sports people….   Miniature sportsmen  We used two great books for ideas “Fun food for children”  Fresh & tasty fun food for children.  Look for the recipe for Two Feet Pie! and “What the world eats”  by Peter Menzel A photographic collection exploring what the world eats featuring portraits of twenty five families from twenty one countries surrounded by a week’s worth of food

Term 3  has one week to go – then it’s the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!

This is our programme for the school holidays -we’ve got lots of fun activities planned.  Love to see you all at the library.

School Holiday programme

Today we made vegetable soup and then had it for lunch – the children make delicious soup!

Chopping up the potato   Chopping the onion!Chopping the swede

So far this week we have made the most amzing sparkly snowflakes – check out the photos – and knitted, made dreamcatchers, pompoms and had heaps of fun.  Next week we will be having our library treasure hunt, a Pyjama storytime and making lunch!  The you can all go back to school…..

     The July School Holidays will be with us in a couple of weeks.  This is the programme we have planned – keep a look out on the website ( and in the library for the full programme of events. Tuesday 19 July 10:30 : Sparkly snowflake decorations Wednesday 20 July 10:30: Spins and needles – stuff with wool Monday 25 July 10:30: Great winter treasure hunt Thursday 28 July 6:00 pm: Pyjama Storytime Friday 29 July 11:30: come and help make lunch, and stay and eat with us. Yesterday we took an idea from the book “120 great history projects”  J 745.5 and made Hindu flower garlands.  I’ll get the photos on here soon – watch this space.  The photos are now in flickr and Snapfish for you to look at….   Buy 120 Great History Projects On Tuesday 19 April we used an idea from the book “Easy crafts for kids” and made tattoed handsand feet – and …… What fun we all had.  Kathryn-Anne and Rebecca Gow even tattoed my hands – they made a fantastic job – there are photos in the flickr link of what they did to me.  And check our Carter’s feet while you’re there – cool! DSC01318 DSC01317

Did you know?

Women in North Africa have a custom of painting their hands and feet in a variety of patterns.  It is said that these painted designs offer protection, bring luck, wealth and dreams.  the designs are painted with henna, which is a paste made from the leaves of a plant that has been reduced to powder and mixed with rose water.  “Hennaed” women are true artists.

 The school holidays are nearly with us again.  This is what we have planned in the library (click on the link to open):

 April School Holiday programme of events


            We made crowns – and a big mess too

We played with the big games in Swanson Park






We enjoyed our Masquerade this morning.

Look at the masks we made on Wednesday:


The rest of the photos are in Flickr – follow the link on the sidebar.


The Summer Reading Challenge is with us again. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

  Register online at from Monday 6 December.   

Summer Reading Challenge 


  Out of this World at the Library

The theme for the upcoming school holidays is space and aliens….. all sessions are from 10:30 -12 noon Tuesday 28 September  we are going to make orbiting planets and stained glass stars. Wednesday 29 September we are making rockets and spaceships School Holiday programme 29 Sep 2010School Holiday programme 29 Sep 2010   Monday 4 October Aliens on strings is the way to go and finally Wednesday 6 October we will be having a spa6 October 2010ce-age LEGO session. Come along and join the fun….6 October 2010  6 October 2010




Rumble in the Jungle

These were some of our animal activities – aren’t the children clever!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The owl and the pussycat creations were just lovely. Wednesday 7 July is our LEGO challenge – build an animal out of 50 pieces of LEGO.  Starts at 10:30 am.  The July school holidays  almost with us.  We are celebrating animals with a programme of events.   Check out the Calendar of Events on our website for full programme details.  To find out what’s happening at Mangere Bridge Library during this time, please view our programme:  Rumble in the jungle. The children let their imaginations run wild and made the most amzing animals, and zoo vehicles and even a pile of animal poo!  Check out the photos. Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.

Fairytale magic

Fairytale Magic is the theme for our April school holiday programme. Aimed at primary school children, each library will be holding story times and activities inspired by classic fairytales and folktales including knights, fairies and all your favourite ‘Once Upon a Time’ characters. Sessions will be held at every library from Tuesday, 6 to Friday, 16 April.  For more information on times and sessions at a library near you look at the Events calendar or visit your local library. All children should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. What:              Manukau Libraries’ Fairytale Magic school holiday programme When:             Tuesday 6 to Friday 16 April

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