Funtastic Fridays

   Make friends and have fun by joining a kids club in your library.

Where: Māngere Bridge Library When: Every Friday. February – December,  3:30 – 4:30pm for 5-12 year old members Approx: 60 minutes

The Kids Book Club is evolving into Funtastic Fridays….. still every Friday but with something different each week.  For all the details check out the library website 

Funtastic Fridays is back for 2016LEGO this Friday 5 February!  Hope to see you there.

Friday 22 January 2016: There is a session called Kids Sweet Talks this afternoon from 3:30pm…


Friday 21 August sees the first Minecraft Club in the library!  I’m getting very excited!!

 Checkout for all the details.

Last Friday (14 August) we made yarn dolls – I’m sure the parents had as much fun as the children!  I remember making yarn dolls as a child – and sometimes making clothes for them too!

DSC07226 DSC07228 DSC07240 DSC07241


Friday 10 July – We made a HUGE mess!  The yarn jars and bowls looked awesome though!

DSC07191  DSC07190  DSC07187

WE did some ORIGAMI last week which was heaps of fun

IMG_1473 IMG_1477


This is the poppy ball all finished – IMG_1417[1]

Friday 20 February 2015: This afternoon we started making poppies for the Poppy Project in Mangere Bridge Village – a good lesson on learning to sew on a button!  Well done everyone, you have done a great job.

DSC07081 DSC07082 DSC07083 DSC07084


The book club will be back on Friday 13 February 2015.

Friday 19 December is time to celebrate with our Family Christmas Party – see you there at 3:30pm

For December we made Christmas decorations and decorated the library tree.

DSC06532 DSC06534 DSC06541 DSC06542

And we made pipe cleaner and foil sculptures – it was very fiddly but great fun.


November is our history month – we started with sewing and learnt how to sew on a button then make a little purse – just big enough to hold a chocolate or two!

DSC06483 DSC06484 DSC06486 DSC06487

The book club today celebrated Diwali making RANGOLI with lots of coloured rice.  Well done everyone they look beautiful.

DSC06430 DSC06433 DSC06434 DSC06446

To end the school holidays the book club ran a games hub.  They made table soccer games using old shoe boxes and photocopier paper boxes.  Grandparents make the perfect targets for player pictures!

DSC06408 ???????????????????????????????

We started our comic book month fun making photo frames – then adding a photo.  It was decided these would make awesome Father’s Day presents!  Once again we made a big mess along the way…



September is Comic Book Month – if you come to all 4 sessions of the Book Club in September you can enter the draw to WIN a PRIZE!

Comic Book MonthCBM - Book Club

The children painted their thoughts – very interesting to see what no one else can see from inside your head!   We have some amazingly creative children!!

DSC06167 DSC06168 DSC06171

Thank you to the children – and their parents – who recited some fantastic poems last Friday.  You are all very talented and your public speaking skills are amazing!!

DSC06148 DSC06149 DSC06150

Check out our PoetTree display on your next visit – the children have written some amazing poems!


We started Family History month today and made a family tree each – it was a lot of fun talking about families with the kids.

DSC06096 DSC06099 DSC06100


On the last Friday of the school holidays we made bird puddings.  I found this wonderful book while out shopping and couldn’t resist buying it for my collection.  There are lots of puzzles and activities to do as well.  I hope the birds have enjoyed what we made!

DSC06069 DSC06070 DSC06071 DSC06073


Today we went stargazing.  The app Sue found (Skyview) was great fun!  Then we made our own constellations with lots of glitter!

IMG_0206 IMG_0208

The pikelets we made on Friday were really scrummy!  And a milkshake too!

DSC05912 DSC05917 DSC05927 DSC05929 DSC05931

Suzie had fun making catapults with the children today….

IMG_1095 IMG_1105 IMG_1110

We had great fun on Friday learning different ways to use paint.  We used our arms and fingers for a tree trunk and branches.    Then we used crunched up tissues and pieces of foam and even small dry leaves to create the leaves.  We even had to do some colour mixing to get brown!  Well done. Awesome pictures guys!  They are on display in the library.

DSC05893 DSC05894 DSC05892

Yesterday we swapped some hero cards and then made different paper planes to see which ones flew the best.  We found out that if you add a paper clip they fly a lot further.

IMG_1055 IMG_1056 IMG_1059

To finish NZ Music Month we created our own song line paintings.  Check out this amazing book for even more ideas…

syndetics-lc   and these were ours…..IMG_1052 IMG_1053

It’s amazing what you can do with CDs you don’t want anymore – add a pattern and a marble and you have a spinner!  This is what the Book Club made on Friday – then found out how long they would spin….

DSC05850 DSC05853

Last Friday we delved into Fifi Colston’s new book Wearable wonders and made some fantastic headwear.  Even Templeton got into the fun!

Wearable wonders

Wearable wonders

IMG_0961 IMG_0966 IMG_0976 IMG_0990 IMG_0996


Fun at our Ukulele Workshop this afternoon!  It’s amazing what you can learn from you tube!

DSC05827 DSC05829 DSC05832

Ukulele workshop

We had fun threading buttons and beads to make a wind chime… next week we are having a Ukulele workshop!

DSC05801 ???????????????????????????????

Today we made worm farms using ice cream containers…one will live in the library – don”t forget the worms need feeding!  The worms have moved house from Ambury Farm to the library!

DSC05657 DSC05672

One week later, Day 7….. and our compost has changed colour….


This week we looked at worms and compost.  We have started a compost container to see how long it takes to become dirt.  Then we made worm pots!  They tasted yummy!


  Day one!  Leaves and grapes and tea bags and other organic stuff.

Another picture next Friday!

IMG_0798               IMG_0795IMG_0799

The children are enjoying spending Friday afternoon in the library – it’s a great way to finish a busy school week.   So far we have tried all sorts of fun activities.  Last week the children took photos of each other and we printed them so they could write why they are unique and special.


We had great fun on Friday 1 March making flowers for Pasifika.

IMG_0695  IMG_0683  IMG_0692    IMG_0688  IMG_0710 IMG_0706

WOW!  I love how those pukekos came to life!

IMG_0042 IMG_0046 IMG_0069 IMG_0104 IMG_0109 IMG_0119

We are making changes to the book club this year.  We will have a session every Friday afternoon starting on 5 February 2014….see you then!

Friday 14 February is games day – lots of fun stuff to do.  See you from 3.30pm! Friday 7 February 2014 First session of the book club was a crafternoon.  Kites for Waitangi Day were fun to make and then out into Swanson Park to see if they would fly! DSC05572 DSC05582 DSC05586 DSC05576

Our final session for 2012 will be part of the Christmas Party – see you on December 6!

Xmas Party

The recipe for Mango Lassi (which we made and consumed on Friday!) Makes 4-5 cups!

1 cup plain sweetened yoghurt; 1 cup milk; 1 cup either chopped mango or mango pulp; dash of cardamon or cinnamon Blend all together and enjoy! kids bookclub 036 kids bookclub 001 kids bookclub 006 kids bookclub 011 kids bookclub 021 kids bookclub 026

Namaste and welcome – Friday 1 November the book club will be all about Diwali See you at 3:30 for fun and food! 


These are some of the masks we made – all the photos can be found on the Flickr sidebar.  Do you recognise our super villains? Super Villain Training   Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  Super Villain Training  DSC05030

Are you ready??

Super Villain’s Training School!   POSTPONED until Friday 13 September, with apologies, as Loryn and Suzie are both sick.

When: Friday  13 September – Mangere Bridge Library 3:30pm

Comic Book Month Friday 5 July 2013: origami stars made – check.  Glue and paintbrushes – check.  Glitter, glitter and more glitterWOW! Origami stars  DSC04728 DSC04733 It’s Maori Langauge Week – check out all the interesting stuff at We are celebrating Matariki during July and I have a fun activity planned for Friday afternoon, 5 July(Hint it will involve glitter!) Friday 7 June 3:30pm – we are going to make lolly leis in celebration of Samoan Language Weekwhich I know finished on 1 June!!  I’m looking forward to seeing all your creations. WOW!  Great problem solving skills to make these today guys! Our Lolly Leis Friday 3 May 3:30pm – we will be celebrating NZ Music Month with a quizz.  And we are having a special guest too!  See you all on Friday! Our ANGRY BIRDS session was so much fun – Suzie is going to do the same thing with the teen book club this month too! This was making the pigs and the angry birds (I downloaded the faces from the internet) DSC04286       DSC04287 and then we made our catapults – I downloaded that from the internet too – and there are many different versions! DSC04291       DSC04293    DSC04290 Finally we tried to knock down the pigs in their tower!  What fun! DSC04294     DSC04305    DSC04301 I have joined the ANGRY BIRDS craze!  These little birds are  everywhere, but we can’t seem to get enough.  We’re crafting little angry bird yarn poms, and then crashing down our tower of greedy little pigs.  Join me for the fun – Friday 5 April, 3:30 – 4:45pm. Unfortunately Suzie couldn’t make the fun last Friday but I’m told Jo did a wonderful job.  These are the wonderful paper weaving creations left for me to find on Monday morning! The March meeting will be celebrating Pasifika.  Come and join Suzie and Jo for some fun and games.  3.30 – 4.30pm on Friday 1 March. (I’ll be on holiday still)  I’m looking forward to seeing the photos! 2013 started with our water fight in Swanson Park  The weather was perfect for lots of water (and the grass badly needed a drink too!).  Lots more photos in Flickr. Lucy 1 Feb 2013  DSC04158  DSC04138  DSC04133 Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… Christmas is coming and we are having our annual Family Christmas party. See the flyer below for details. We would love to see everybody there.


Friday 2 November We had a fabulous Diwali celebration with Sari wrapping, henna painting, yummy indian sweets! and more. Thanks to Jasmine and her family for coming along to help.


Friday 5 October 2012 and we have just finished our zumba session with Mykaela and Kym – thank you it was great fun!

Zumba          Zumba

Friday 7 September was Super Hero Training School!   First we had to warm up!  The came the dreaded obstacle course, under the net, through the crocodile infested swamp, over the ravine and through the minefield.  We were glad we didn’t loose any children along the way!  Then we tested our strength, x-ray vision, krytonite disposal skills and targeting skills before decorating biscuits just like our super hero character and having faces painted.  Everyone had a great time, including Suzie and I!


September is Comic Book Month.  As part of the programme of events we have planned the Book Club on Friday 7 September will be a Superhero Training School!  If you have a Superhero costume wear it and be prepared to have lots of fun learning some new skills!  3:30-5pm

Friday 3 August 2012 3.30-5.00pm is our next session – we will be making cake!

Thank you to the two families who have responded to the survey – the results are interesting.  I’ll work out how we can improve for 2013 and keep you informed.  There is still time to fill in the survey too!

I have created a short survey to make sure the book club is meeting your children’s needs.  I would appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to fill it in to help me plan rewarding sessions for everyone.

Friday 6 July: We had fun making and using our pois with Marisa.  I have uploaded the photos to Flickr — and the movies too.


6 July 2012: we have a guest coming to show us how to make and use a poi! Please note the slightly earlier time of 2pm.

I have just finished reading this wonderful book

Please click this cover for more info“Nina’s mother has disappeared. She’s left a message to say she’ll be back, but nobody knows where she’s gone or why. Nina’s father goes to look for her, leaving Nina with her aunts who run a charity shop. When Nina finds some of her mum’s most treasured possessions on sale in the shop, she knows something must be wrong. Soon she is caught up in an investigation of her own. But there are so many secrets to unravel. And once Nina know the truth, will she wish she didn’t?”

I have registered for the newsletter from this wonderful lady  If you want help with finding fun stuff for your children to read.

Are you smarter than a librarian?  Come and find out on Friday 1 June!  I have  a fun quiz for you to try, followed by afternoon tea and a look at the new books the library has received this week.  Don’t forget to bring your library card – you could be the first to borrow one of the new books!

Get set for our meeting on Friday May 4 from 3:30 pm – it’s NZ Music Month and we have the NZ Post Book Awards – lot’s to choose from!  I thought we could do something around NZ Music – you’ll find out for sure on Friday!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all – it’s been ages!

We will NOT be having a meeting on April 13 – sorry!  Next one will be on May 4 and we will be doing something for New Zealand Music Month.

The Book Club meeting for April falls on Good Friday this year, which means the library will be closed.  Do you want to meet the following Friday, 13 AprilLet me know please so I can plan or not…..  

Last week I went to Ashburton and met Des Hunt!  Have you read any of his great NZ adventure books?  Check out his website too –

Join Suzie on Friday 2 March for some fun and games – I’ll see you when I get back from my holiday.  Apparently this was heaps of fun – I have put one of the video clips in Flickr for you to look at!

Our Year of the Dragon activity was great fun!  Well done everyone.  Check out the photos.


The KEWL Book Club kicks off for 2012 on Friday 3 February – we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year – this year is the Year of the Dragon.  Do you know what sign you are?  We will have a look and find out.  And lots of other fun stuff too.

Our Christmas meeting will be Friday 2 December from 3:30 pm.  Bring a plate for our shared afternoon tea.  We are going to do some Christmas stuff – I found a great new book called “1 2 3 Christmas; quick and simple crafts in 1-2-3 steps” to share with you.   See you all on Friday! The November Book Club meeting is on this Friday 4 November from 3:30I have lots of fun planned – don’t miss out!  A clue to what we are doing ….. it’s Guy Fawkes on Saturday – at the library with no mess…. I found these jokes What did the washer say to the dryer?  I’ll give it a whirl. How do scientists freshen their breath?  With experi-ments!

I have just finished reading a lovely book called “Darius Bell and the crystal bees” written by Odo Hirsch.

Something is happening to the bees on the Bell estate, and as Darius soon discovers, there’s a lot more at stake than just honey.  But what can he do about it?  Even when he finds an answer, it turns out that certain people have other ideas.  To suceed he’ll need to outsmart the mayor, Mr Podcock, and do a deal with the principal of his won school.  A story of courage, determination and a most unusal set of bees.

The sequel to….      Darius Bell and the glitter pool.

What fun we had on the first Friday in October – a quiz all about rugby and New Zealand.  The children of Mangere Bridge are very clued up – great results guys!

Congratulations to all the children who passed Superhero Training – this Friday we are making costumes!

    2 September 2011     2 September 2011   2 September 2011  2 September 2011  2 September 2011  2 September 2011  2 September 2011  2 September 2011

September is COMIC BOOK MONTH and we have some great activities for the children.  This Friday, 2 September,  is Superhero Training so get dressed up and come along for some fun.  3:30-5:00 pm.

Next Friday, 9 September, we will be making superhero costumes.

COMIC BOOK MONTH is for adults too – prizes to be won!

I can’t believe it’s August already!  I hope you are all enjoying being back at school – now with only 2 terms to go for this year.

I need some pictures for on our blog too – got any you want to share?  Email them to me.

Unfortunately I will be away from the library on Friday 12 August and that means we can only have one session in August.  Everyone will meet on Friday 5 August from 3:30.  We are going to be SPCA fairies and elves.  Come along and find out what that means.  Or check out the SPCA web site at

I would love to put some of your book reviews here too – either post them or bring one to me and I’ll put it on for you.

It’s also time we had a competition – so, here goes……. How do you subscribe to a Next Reads newsletter?  The answer is on the web site  Write your answer and either email it to me, or bring it to the meeting, before 5 pm on Friday 5 August.  All entries will go into a draw to win, win, win….

See you Friday 5 August.

I have just finished reading “Between shades of gray” written by Ruta Sepetys – although this is in the Teenage collection it is well worth reading if you are 10 – 12.

  Between Shades of Gray, Ruta Septys, Book Cover                                         

And a book by Jane Johnson called Goldseekers – in the children’s fiction section this is an awesome book.  Check out more on the author’s website at Our July meeting will be held together – both groups – on Friday 1 July 2011.  There will not be a meeting on the following Friday, 8 July. The reason is that we are having a visitor, Ali Cowley, who is an illustrator, artist, animator, etc.. check out his web site for more information about him. 

Ali will be showing you how to do all sorts of cool stuff so bring your imagination along!  Also, friends and family are welcome too, so tell all your friends.  These are some of his cool illustrations (I got them off the web site)


Friday 3 June 2011 and we had 10 children making MEMORY BOARDS – check out the photos of the wonderful creations.  We’ll be doing it all again this Friday with the older children.                                                

 I took the idea from one of my books –

Round 2:

Sarah    Jessica  DSC01478

One of our new books

JGN PAR (This means it’s a graphic novel)

Wallace & Gromit in the wrong trousers.  Written by Nick PARK.

Product Details

Memory Board pics:

What can I say about Friday 13 May?  Well, once the fire brigade had been and silenced the alarm – my goodness firemen are cute and tall!!! – we could get down to the business of making our pizzas and our juice.  Unfortunately Bridget was not able to join us – she had to work – but what a great group of parents we have helping.

Just a note about the fire alarm – at least it works and does what it has to do – and everyone left the library straight away which was really good.

And now for some of the photos Suzie took – the camera battery has died so will try again later.

It’s now tomorrow – the battery is charged! Now for some photos…



 The book I read last night:

Diary of a Pukeko Very funny!

We made 5 pizzas in the library – all in one hour!

I have put the photos in Flickr but will find some for here soon.  Now I have Janene Cooper’s visit to look forward to!

Pizza recipe:

2 cups self-raising flour; 100 grams butter, 1/4 cup cold water and some mixed herbs.   Rub the butter into the flour, add the herbs and mix to a fairly stiff dough with the water.  Roll out and add toppings …… cook……

Our next meetings are Friday 6 and 13 May at 3:30.  The theme is linked to the NZ Post Book Awards – based on the finalist book “Who’s cooking tonight” by Claire Gourley.  We will be making some after school snacks – can the children all bring $1 to help cover the cost of the ingredients please?

Who's Cooking Tonight?            cover image

My favouite book is “Baa Baa smart sheep” – have you read it yet?

 The NZ Post Children’s Book Awards are being celebrated now – have you voted for your favourite book for the Children’s Choice Award?  You can vote on the website at

You could win book tokens for you and your school!


The last book I read was…..

The Peco incident by Des Hunt.  

Danny is dreading the summer holidays – his cousin Nick, who is hyperactive, is coming to stay.  When bird flu hits the Otago Peninsular Nick is the last of Danny’s worries.  The only hope to save the endangered penguins and albatrosses is a race against time through the gun tunnels and cliff tops of Taiaroa Head.

Another  action-packed adventure set in a wonderful part of New Zealand. 

 The Peco Incident

Welcome to April (well, almost).  Don’t forget our April meetings are on:

Friday 1 April at 3:30 for the 5-8 year olds  and Friday 8 April at 3:45 for the almost tweens – otherwise known as 9-12 year olds.

I thought we could look at charms and what different cultures use them for, and how…. we are going to make an Eye of God, which originates from Mexico.  If you have any old wool at home that you don’t need anymore, please bring it along with you.   

See you all soon!

I am about to disappear for 3 weeks holiday – it’s my turn now!  I will be back on Monday 7 March.  Therefore we will be having a combined Book Club on Friday 11 March from 3:30 – 5:00.  Look forward to seeing you all then. 

We are going to be playing some fun games – with prizes!

Our first session for 2011 will be for everyone on Friday 4 February from 3:30.  We are having a water fight in Swanson Park. 

I think this photo of Jessica is just fantastic!





With Christmas nearly here we will be celebrating.  We are making Christmas cards.   Santa is busy checking his lists so be good!

This coming Friday, 3 December for the 5-8 year olds. 

Friday 10 December for the 4-12 year olds.

Bring a plate to share for a Christmas afternoon tea. 

Happy December birthday to Alison.                      


No meeting Friday 5 November for the 5-8 year olds – everyone will meet on Friday 12 November from 3:30

We are celebrating Art Month and we will be painting.  I want to take lots of photos for on the blog too!

October is movie month.  No meeting on Friday 1 October.  See you all at 2:30 on Friday 8 October.  Bring a cushion and a drink – I’ll provise the popcorn. Note the earlier time too!

How does the first Cats and Dogs movie sound?  If there is something else you need to let me know – the one with the most votes wins!

Cats & Dogs Poster

September meetings:  Friday 3 September 3:30 – we will be having a Block party and building all sorts of spy stuff with LEGO.  And then on Friday 10 September at 4 pm.  Do you want the LEGO again?  Or we could talk about the books you have been reading?  Let me know what you would like to do…….

Happy August and September birthdays to Tyjuana, Janita, Shaun, Lucas and Jessica.  I have a DVD voucher for you.  Come along and collect one.

Our visits to Ambury Farm went really well.  We walked around in the sunshine on week one and fed the animals.  Week two was wet, wet, wet – and cold – we still fed the lambs, played with the calves and made some felt.  Check out the photos – there are more on the flickr sidebar too..

Our felt creations


It’s time to start thinking about our meetings for August.

 I have arranged for us to visit Janine at Ambury Farm – in the education centre off Ambury Road.  I’ll meet the first group, 5-8 year olds, there at 3:30 pm on Friday 6 August for some fun on the farm.

The the following week I’ll meet the second group, 9-12 year olds, at the same place –  Friday 13 August, 4pm.

Happy birthday wishes to Shaun, Tyjuana, Lucas and Jessica who all have birthdays in August.   I’ll bring your birthday vouchers down to the farm.

Hope to see as many of you as possible cause I miss seeing you at the library after school.


Enjoying the left over icing


Jessica and the recipe book

 On Friday 2 July

we will be making a chocolate cake to say farewell to the children’s section as it is now – when the library reopens ready for our September meeting we will be in a new space.  We will repeat the exercise with the older group the following Friday ( 9 July).  Come and help make the cake – then you get to eat it too!

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