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The Block Party is now part of our Funtastic Fridays!!

From now on all the updates and photos will appear on the Funtastic Fridays tab.

The Block Party is held on the first Friday of the month, February – December, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, at Mangere Bridge Library.

For all LEGO enthusiasts!

We are changing the timing of The Block Party in 2015 due to low attendance numbers in recent months.  Please note the new day and time above.

These are the creations for our last ever Saturday Block Party. Check out Santa’s cool sleigh.

DSC06547 DSC06551 DSC06554 DSC06556 DSC06557

Guess what the theme is for our last Block Party for 2014 is???  See you on Saturday 6 December!

This Saturday is the October Block PartyCreation Station is the theme so anything goes!

 The children – and some parents! – had fun building things for superheroes – check out all the photos in flickr.

DSC06207 DSC06209 DSC06214




September is COMIC BOOK MONTH – have some superhero fun at the Block Party this Saturday.

Comic Book Month













August is almost with us – that means The Block Party will be on this Saturday – the theme is family – what can you make to amaze me?  Lots of fun on Saturday with just a few children.  I enjoyed my time talking with Izzy about what families need..

DSC06104 DSC06107 DSC06109

A lovely group of children and they went WILD with LEGO!

DSC05937 DSC05939 DSC05944

It’s July!  We are kicking off the School Holidays with our Go Wild with LEGO on Saturday afternoon – the library is warm and dry so is a great place to visit when the kids go crazy at home! lego

I have looked through the photos from Saturday and there were some wonderful space ships and space stations and stars and……what great imaginations you all have!  Keep up your building ready for next month. DSC05870 DSC05871 DSC05873 DSC05876 The theme for our June Block Party is Stars and Planets.  What can you build to explore the universe?   Wonderful pirate ships made today DSC05812 DSC05815 DSC05819   It’s Pirates Ahoy! for the May Block Party – Saturday 3 May – see you then…. It’s Block Party time again – another month has gone by!  Saturday 5 April will see us all making animals, zoos, farms…..and anything else you can think off to do with animals.  I will find some pictures to get all the children inspired! Lego animals 2 Lego animals 3 Lego animals   It’s our birthday in March – 4 years old in 2014 – WOW!!  The theme will be celebrations so kids put your creative hats on and think about what you make out of LEGO on Saturday.  And there will be birthday cake!            2014 gets underway on Saturday 1 February with our theme of summer fun.  Some great creations again today – from the zoo to waka!  And my favourite – the jandal! DSC05559  DSC05563 and a new LEGO book…..DSC05562 40054  lego-summer-day-out-set-3121-4


Thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday and created wonderful LEGO Christmas themed things!   I have uploaded all the photos into flickr.  The next Block Party will be in February 2014 – I know it seems a long way off but time does fly……and it will be next year before we know it!  Have a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Celebrate Christmas with LEGO1.30pm Saturday 7 December at the library – see you all there!


We had great fun on Saturday – Diwali and India brought up lots of discussion on what it makes us think of – lots of colour! DSC05299 DSC05300 DSC05302 DSC05313 Namaste for Saturday 2 November – our theme is to be Diwali – so lots of stuff from Indiaelephants perhaps???      Saturday 5 October was a beautiful spring day with lots of sunshine.  A few families came to build with our LEGO collection – the theme was time and space so we had lots of time machines! DSC05103 DSC05087 DSC05096 DSC05098

With Super villains and Supheroes as the theme the children (and some fathers!) set to work.  Harrison, who is especially fond of Led Zepplin, made a base guitar before looking at the new Star Wars LEGO book with his dad and Alex.

DSC04968  DSC04956  DSC04969  DSC04976

Saturday 7 September 2013 from 1:30pm.  Can you build the perfect hideout for a supervillain, or a superhero using nothing but LEGO? 

Saturday 2 August 2013: Lego for the past… any ideas? 1:30pm!

Saturday 6 July 2013: Fantastic creations from everyone – my special favourite was Ben’s moa with the moving head, followed by John’s sailing ship. Joshua  Ben  Ben's moa  Alex We are celebrating Matariki throughout July.  I thought we could try to create some Maori – themed creations – or some with a New Zealand theme, or even stars! – on Saturday 6 July.     We had some amazing LEGO creations to celebrate our Pacific neighbours – I really liked John’s submarine and Ben’s creation – which he ran out of time to complete.   It was lovely to see so many families in the library.  Thank you to Karen for making our yummy afternoon tea. Holly DSC04495 DSC04501 DSC04504 DSC04506 Next Saturday is 1 June – where has the year gone????  That means The Block Party is on from 1:30-3pm.  This week is Samoan Language Week – I think we will make some Samoan icons – turtles, palm trees and whatever else you can think of!  See you all at the library. And this LEGO fun stuff  is on all weekend: Saturday 4 May 2013 and the Block Party will be celebrating NZ Music Month.  See you all at 1:30pm! Our theme was NZ Music Month – unfortunately not all the photos came out.  I know there were some fantastic scenes created – from concerts to music notes and instruments.  My apologies if your photo did not make it here!    I enjoyed Harrison singing into his microphone! DSC04425   DSC04413 Another fine Saturday afternoon and still the children come to the library to build, brick by brick, creations out of LEGO.  We had polar bears and ducks and dinosaurs and a crocodile and lots more….. DSC04332   DSC04323   DSC04324   DSC04328   DSC04331   DSC04337   DSC04310 I am looking forward to our Block Party on Saturday 6 April.  I love watching the wonderful creations being built brick by brick.  The theme for April will be animals – no wheels involved!  See you all at 1:30Afternoon tea too! There are lots of LEGO books in the libraries now.  We have the DK Readers for different reading levels: Small Cover Image    Small Cover Image   Small Cover Image …..and many more – check out the library catalogue for them all. The Block Party celebrated its 3rd birthday with cake and lots of fun.  I’m told everyone had a great time building birthday themed creations. Block Party 2 March 2013 027  Block Party 2 March 2013 024  Block Party 2 March 2013 011 The next Block Party will be on Saturday 2 March 2013.  It’s our birthday month – 3 this yearWOW.  Come along to make some birthday surprises with our LEGO collection. We had a fun “summer themed” block party – once the camera is charged I’ll get the photos up for you to look at.  Here we go…. Erica  Charlotte  DSC04167  Carter  Jasper Welcome to 2013!   The Block Party kicks off on Saturday 2 February with a fun session before school starts for a lot of children (and teachers!).  Christmas is coming!…Our last block party for 2012 will be held on  Saturday 1 December 1.30-3pmWe will have christmassy treats! Look forward to seeing you all there! Here are a couple of photos from our November block party where the theme was Diwali. These are my favourite Suddenly…creations!  Check out the rest in flickr – an be amazed! DSC03375   DSC03370  DSC03356   DSC03347  DSC03344 Our Block Party on Saturday was a lot of fun and the creations were, as always, pretty amazing.  Check out all the photos.  These are my favourites:       Saturday 1 September 1:30 – 3:00pm  the Block Party will kick off Comic Book Month celebrations at the library.  Look forward to seeing you…. Saturday 4 August 1:30-3:00pm is the next Block Party.  I want the group to decide the theme this month – put your thinking caps on!  See you then! The children decided on buildings and places for the theme.  We talked about Christchurch needing new buildings and the models of them!  Check out the photos.       We have another Lego book for the library collection.  Please click this cover for more info  Gives readers an up-close look at the bricks, constructions, and minifigures of the LEGO® Harry Potter universe — from Hogwarts Castle to Hagrid’s hut. Saturday 7 July 2012 was a great day for creativity – what talented children came to the Block Party to create for Matariki!     Our next BLOCK PARTY is on Saturday 7 July from 1:30 -3 pm.  Our theme is for Matarki awakening creativity with LEGO.  I have found this just in case anyone is interested in going!                Please click this cover for more info We have a cool new LEGO book  request a copy from the library to have a proper look! Diving  Swimming  What cool Olympic events – and Darcy made the Olympic Rings! On Saturday 2 June 2012 we will be celebrating sports with an Olympic Games theme – put on your thinking caps and decide what you could make!  Do you think you could make the Olympic Rings in LEGO? What fun we all had on 5 May – well done Kathryn on putting together a recognisable creation in 3 minutes!.  I would love to know about the musical creations you made with your prize!  Check out the photos – even LEGO in LEGO!  I might just use that one for our posters!  The next session is at Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Watch this space…..           This Saturday 5 May should be a lot of fun – I have some cool challenges for you – and prizes too!    The theme is NZ Music as May is music month! See full size image Thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday – everyone made wonderful Easter themed creations!  The we had hot cross buns and easter eggs before going home.  The photos are all in Flickr – these are my favourites:                 The April Block Party will be on Saturday 7 April 2012 from 1:30-3:00 pm.  As it is Easter the theme will be all things Easter – check out the Easter Bunny on the poster!  For afternoon tea there will be Easter treats!!! April 2012 The photos from the birthday party are all in the Flickr sidebar.  These are some of my favourites:  Love the birthday present!    The Block Party will be 2 years old in March!  Join us on Saturday 3 March from 1:30 – 3:00 and join in the celebrations!  There will be birthday cake! Kiwiana was great fun – check our Pavlova City! Our February 2012 Block Party will be on Saturday 4 February 2012 starting at 1:30 pm.  The theme will be New Zealand and all things to do with Waitangi Day.


Saturday 3 December will be our last Block Party for 2011 – our theme is to be “The 12 Days of Christmas”, check out the song to find out what you could make!  We should get some wonderful photos for on the blog!!!

And there’s another new LEGO book –     

I’m back from my holiday – here are some of the photos from our party on 5 Novemberthe rest are in Flickr

5 November 2011  What a wonderful creation  Fantastic co-operation!

  5 November 2011

Notice the new LEGO book?  It’s called “The LEGO ideas book”

Remember, remember the 5th of November – it’s BLOCK Party day 1:30-3:00 pm.  Theme this month will be rockets and other things that fly…

It’s 1 October tomorrow.  Bring your imagination for a fun build with LEGO tomorrow – 1:30-3:00.  See you all then.

DSC01891    DSC01887   DSC01889 This is where your imagination takes us…. what fun we had!

September is COMIC BOOK MONTH.  That means our theme is SUPERHEROES/SUPERVILLANS

What awesome creations!      

August has arrived and that means it’s time for our next Block PartySaturday 6 August 1:30-3:00 pm

ThemeFood – put your thinking caps on!  Check out the photos from Saturday – Rebecca made the most amazing apple– and all Danielle’s needed was a worm! Dinosaurs need all sorts of stuff according to the children who came for the July Block Party – How do we know that there were no hunters in the time of the dinosaurs????  Check out the photos in Flickr.                                                                              Saturday 2 July 1:30-3:00  – be there to make dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs!   I wonder what interesting things you will make this month?  See you all at the library. What fun we had on the Saturday of Queen’s Birthday weekendand the weather was very, very wet and wild.  Our theme was things that grow – we had tree houses and the gardener even had a lawnmover to cut the grass!  Check out the photos in the Flickr sidebar. Getting started                                                                    Our theme was PIRATES – here are a few of the wonderful creations: Lucas telling jokes! Saturday 7 May 2011 1:30-3:00 is the date for our next Block Party. See you all then!  I’ll be baking again for afternoon tea! We all had great fun building things with wheels on Saturday – here a couple of the photos – the rest are in flickr. There are some great books in the libraries to give you ideas of what to build with your LEGO.  This is one of the ones we have at Mangere Bridge: Cool Cars and Trucks 2 April 2011   2 April 2011       The next Block Party will be on Saturday 2 April from 1:30-3:00.  I haven’t set a theme yet – bring your ideas of what we can do on the day and we will decide the best one.  Tell your friends to come along as well – we have lots and lots of LEGO to play with for all ages.  Check out the photos from our other parties in Flickr too. I will do some baking for afternoon tea!   We had a lovely birthday celebration for The Block Party on Saturday – the wonderful creations made by the children are now in Flickr – and this is what the parents do while the children build….       As of Monday 14 February I am on holiday for 3 weeks – it’s my turn now!  As I’ll be away for the first Saturday, the next Block Party will be on the second Saturday in March – 12 March – from 1:30-3:00.  Did you know it has been a whole year since we started so the theme will be BIRTHDAYS.  Start thinking of all the wonderful things you can make from LEGO to fit the theme. Afternoon tea will be provided – and there might even be a birthday cake.                                            Saturday 5 February will kick off the Block Party for 2011.  The theme is Waitangi, New Zealand.  See you at 1:30 for some fun with LEGO – afternoon tea will be available too. Ryan made a model of the Harbour Bridge with the Skytower in the back ground.  (The rest of the photos are in both the Snapfish and Flick links.) The Harbour Bridge and as promised, the recipe for the Orange Squash Juice of 8 oranges/lemons or whatever, 1 tbspn citric acid, tartaric acid and epsom salts.  1.5 kg sugar and 8 cups of boiling water.  Mix all together and put in clean bottles.  Waitangi poster Mangere Bridge   Christmas is coming!  December’s Block Party will be all about Christmas – Saturday 4 December 1:30 – 3:00. Afternoon tea will be alvailable.  See you all then!  Saturday 3 December – Christmas creations – Thank you again Sarah for the cakes!  The children said they were the best they’s ever tasted!that Sarah made especially for the LEGO party. Another month has gone by and it’s time for our November Block Party. Saturday 6 November starting at 1:30 and finishing at 3pm There will be tea and coffee and cake too (for the grown ups) – Thank you Sarah for the Jungle Swamp Cake -it was delicious! The theme ……. wait for it …….. Down in the Jungle … I know a great song we can start with!!! Photos from Saturday’s Jungle Party: What else do you do in the library??Cause elephants live in the jungle       October!!!!!  The BLOCK PARTY is this Saturday, 2 October,  1:30 – 3:00 pm.  The theme this   month is cars-trucks-planes (in other words things to do with transport). 2 October 2010 The Block Party2 October 2010The Lego book I am looking for ideas for next month – share them with me please…… Iwent shopping for more LEGO to add to our collection yesterday – the staff at TOYWORLD,  Sylvia Park, are just amazing.  Please support them as much as they support us!   Our September Block Party will be part of the Book Club meeting on FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER from 3:30 – 5:oo.  The theme, as the kids asked for, will be spies and spying – start thinking about what you can build.  I am sorry we cannot meet on Saturday as planned. Looking forward to seeing you all in our “brand new” library next week. Our August meeting cannot be held on Saturday – we could meet on Sunday 8 August instead if that suits?  let me know as soon as you can please so I can organise it.  We had to cancel the August get together. The theme will be spies and spying…..  What a blast building space rockets and vehicles was for the children who came to the Block party on Saturday.  Here’s a few of the photos we took. Click here to select this photo.   Click here to select this photo.   Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo. Our next Block Party will be this Saturday 3 July  at 1:30.  The theme will be space.  See you all there! Peter Millett brought his whole family to our last Block Party in June.  We built some awesome homes, house, sheds and buildings.  Check out the photos. Click here to select this photo.       Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo.  Click here to select this photo. The next Block Party will be on Saturday 5 June at 1:30.  We have a special guest – author Peter Millett will be reading one of his wonderful stories.  The Block Party theme will be homes, houses, sheds and baches.. Check out Peter’s brand new web site at for some fun activities. Some photos from the last Block Party… the rest are on     

LEGO drive to build kids’ imagination

Lego figures

Lego comes to Manukau Libraries

Library staff are keen to develop a travelling LEGO collection, because playing with the world renowned children’s building system develops a range of skills including literacy, patience and team work. Best of all, both boys and girls love it, and it never goes out of fashion.

Children’s Librarian at Māngere Bridge Loryn Tompsett is leading the LEGO drive which follows the success of similar projects in the United States of America.

“LEGO is a great literacy tool. Once the collection is developed it will travel to every Manukau library so that children from all walks of life will have the opportunity to build their imaginations. “We will also promote LEGO books and associated materials to encourage reading and build children’s engineering, lineal and lateral thinking skills. Small LEGO prize packs will be given away to lucky participants,” says Loryn. The ‘LEGO in Libraries’ collection will be launched during Children’s Week at a Block Party at Māngere Bridge Library. Block Parties at other libraries across Manukau will follow. Children and their families are invited to come along and build something that reflects what it’s like being a kiwi kid. Donations of LEGO can be dropped off at any of our libraries. The local Lions Club has thrown its support behind the drive with a generous donation of new LEGO but libraries would like a lot more.

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